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Our team


CEO & Founder

Christian is the soul and heart of Småland Campers. It is his passion for travel and tourism that gave him the idea of founding the company. For him the customer always comes first no matter what.


Mascot & Customer Happiness Manager

Always in a Happy-Go-Lucky mood, Matti knows how to get you hooked on a positive vibe. He loves to greet every customer personally as much as the Swedish Fika. 

This is us

Småland Campers is not like any other Motorhome rental. We try to be different! We are the only company in Sweden renting out Mini Campervans allowing our customers to explore Sweden's nature on a budget. We believe that a unique experience doesn´t have to be expensive. This is why we have equipped our hand-converted Campervans with what is really needed to enjoy the vastness of Sweden's magnificent landscapes. 

Our main goal is to give our customers outstanding service and our motto is that all customers should end their vacation with a big smile on their face. 

In order to achieve this, we at all time, put a strong focus on the maintenance and cleaning of our fleet.

We have partnered up with local licenced workshops and have a rigorous maintenance schedule for all our campers. 

After each rental our campervans run through a strict cleaning routine that ensures that we can hand over a perfectly clean camper to the next customer. 

Traveling in one of our campers is not only wallet-friendly but in our opinion the best way to explore Sweden! With our campervans you’ll have the freedom to go wherever your heart desires!

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