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Bookable Extras & Insurance Upgrades

Here at Småland Campers we are at all times eager to ensure that you have a great time exploring Sweden. This is why we offer you a wide selection of Extras that make your life on the road more comfortable. How about a worry and stress free drive through the Swedish forests with our additional insurance options.

Or do you need a table and chairs for your romantic dinner by one of the many lakes in the country? No problem we got you covered.

To see all our bookable Extras scroll a bit more down.

Off you go :)

Småland Campers - Insurance Upgrades

Each of our campervans is covered by a Collision Damage Waiver insurance (CDW) that is always included in the rental fee. With this CDW insurance the lessee (you) has a deductible of 15.000 SEK per case of damage.

Please note: Damages caused by stone chips as well as punctures (flat tires) are not covered by our CDW insurance but can be covered when adding our special insurance upgrade. 
However, there are of course a few exceptions that are never covered by any of our insurances. For more information, please read through our T&C 12.2.


A security deposit is not necessary if you hold a valid credit card!

Of course, we offer you the possibility to add additional insurances to your booking, which will make your road trip less stressful and more enjoyable.
Just scroll down to explore the options.

Gravel Protection

Covers the glass of the car (windshield + headlights). Reduces the deductible for those kind of damages from SEK 5,000 to SEK 0 (zero) per case.

Price: 100 SEK per day

Scratch & Dent Insurance

Don’t worry about smaller scratches or dents (less than 3 cm). With our S&D insurance your deductible on this type of damage will be zero (0) SEK.

Price: 100 SEK per day

Tire Insurance 

In the event of a flat tire or if the tire needs to be replaced, this insurance will provide you with the necessary protection against any costs that may occur.

Price: 50 SEK per day

Super Insurance

Covers the lessee in case of damages on the car or accident. Reducing the deductible from 15.000 SEK to 7.500 SEK per case.


Gravel Protection and Scratch & Dent Insurance included!

Price: 300 SEK per day

Platinum Insurance

Covers the lessee in case of damages on the car or accident. Reduces the deductible from 15.000 SEK to 0 (zero) SEK per case.


Gravel Protection, Scratch & Dent Insurance and Tire Insurance included!

Price: 450 SEK per day

Cancellation Protection

We know that plans can change spontaneously and therefore some of you prefer to be very flexible when it comes to cancelations. Our Cancellation Protection covers you against the loss of your deposit and gives you the necessary peace of mind for the time before your road trip.

With the cancellation insurance, the standard cancellation policy will be modified to the following:

24 hours or more until your booked pickup:
Full refund of the already made payment excluding the Cancellation Protection fee (150SEK per day). 

Less than 24 hours until your booked pickup: 
We will keep 50% of the total booking value and refund the rest.


Please note: Cancellation Protection can only be purchased at the time of booking and is nonrefundable, not changeable, and not transferable.

Price: 150 SEK per day

Insurance Options

Småland Campers - Extras

Whatever you need we got you covered - at least if you can find it in the list below. If you can´t find it, shoot us a message and we will see if we can make your dream come true. 

Seriously, we think we have the perfect Extras for lined up for you in order to make your road trip even more special. 

Cozy Bundle for Two

This bundle includes all you need for your relaxed and cozy road trip.


2x Sleeping Kit (Sleeping Bag + Pillow)

2x Camping Chair 

1x Camping Table

1x Blanket

Total savings: 100 SEK

Price: 650 SEK per rental

Adventure Bundle

If you want to become one with Mother Nature and like to take every chance to bath in one of the countless lakes, then you should definitely check out this bundle.  


2x Sleeping Kit (Sleeping Bag + Pillow)

2x Towels

2x Hammocks

1x Solar Shower

Total savings: 150 SEK

Price: 900 SEK per rental

Ultimate Bundle

Here it is - our ultimate bundle. Perfect for all of you who would rather have a little more luxury during their trip. 


2x Sleeping Kit (Sleeping Bag + Pillow)

2x Camping Chair 

1x Camping Table

1x Blanket

2x Towels

2x Hammocks

1x Solar Shower

1x Power Inverter

1x BBQ Grill

1x Cooler (when booked in combination with our Koja Camper)

Total savings: 300 SEK per rental!

Price: 1450 SEK per rental (Koja) / 1350 SEK per rental (Hydda)

Mystery Road Trip Bundle

Not sure what you would like to see and experience during your road trip? No problem, just book our Mystery Bundle and let us surprise you with a customized itinerary full of highlights.


Unlimited Mileage

Personal Itinerary 



Total savings: 50 SEK per day!

Price: 400 SEK per day

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