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Småland Campers FAQs

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. Here you can find answers to all your questions. If you can´t find an answer to your question here, please don´t hesitate to contact us. We only bite if it is really yummy.

Remember there are no stupid questions!


Should I have received a confirmation email after my booking/prepayment?

Yes, we always send out a confirmation email when we receive your prepayment / booking / reservation / inquiry.

As we are from time to time very busy, it might take a couple of days until we send it out. But if you did not get a mail from us within 5 days after the prepayment / booking / reservation / inquiry was done, please get in contact with us.

When do I have to pay for my rental?

The total predicted hire charge, calculated based on the booking details, must be received latest on the day of rental / Pick-Up. However, a 30% confirmation deposit must be paid in advance according to the deadline written in the offer.

When will you charge my Credit Card?


Do I need to bring my Credit Card when I pick up the campervan?

Yes, you need to bring your Credit Card when picking up the campervan. 

Please keep in mind that you need to bring the lessee´s (driver´s) credit card or the credit card you used when reserving the booking. Due to insurance purposes, we will need to put them on file.

Do I have to pay in advance when reserving/booking the campervan?

Yes, you can either pay a 30% confirmation fee/deposit when you reserve your booking or the total 100% - it is up to you.

How can I pay? What payment options do you provide?

You can pay by Credit Card (Mastercard / Visa) via Paypal / iZettle or if you are from Sweden, you will have the option to pay using Swish. We do not accept any cash payments.

Does it matter what Credit Card I bring?

Yes. We will always need the lessee's (driver's) credit card on file for insurance reasons. So, make sure to bring at least this one. .

Rates & Reservations

Are there any hidden costs when booking?

We do not hide any costs from you. After you have sent us an inquiry for one of our campers, we will come back to you with an offer including all costs. So, you will not encounter any unforeseen surprise when picking up the campervan.

However, if you should spontaneously add Extras or insurances or make any other changes to the original offer, the total price might get adjusted. 

Please note that fuel and tolls are to be paid by the traveler as well as fines (speeding etc.)

Is there a minimum rental period?

No, there is nothing like a minimum rental period. But to be honest, where do you want to go if only spending one night in one of our amazing campers?

What is included in the rental price?

The rental price includes 200 free kilometers per day, 25 % VAT tax, Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and basically everything you need to cook and eat during your adventurous road trip. Please have a look at our terms and conditions and the information page for your camper van category before booking.

Do you take a security deposit?

No, there is no security deposit. We believe in the honesty of our customers. 

Please know that in case of damage we will collect the agreed liability amount during drop off.

How is the price calculated?

You pay the low-season (November-March) price for low-season days, mid-season (April-May and September-October) price for mid-season days, and high-season (June-August) price for high-season days. For example, if your rental is from August 29th (high-season) to Sept 3rd (mid-season), you will pay for 2 days at high-season price and 3 days at mid-season price. You can find all current prices on our website.

Can I get a refund if I return the camper early?

No, we do not give refunds, if you return the campervan early. If needed you can change your rental period free of charge until up to 7 days prior to your pick-up.

Is insurance included in the rental price?

Yes, the base rate per day includes basic Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) which is limiting the liability of the driver to an amount of 15.000 SEK per deductible. You can find additional insurances and packages in our Extra section.

What is needed to rent a campervan?

You need a valid Credit Card and standard driver's license (Class B or comparable national driver's license) and need to be at least 21 years old.

Pick up & Drop off

Can I pick up the camper 24/7?

We try to be as flexible as possible at any given time, which is why we will ask you about your preferred pick-up time and see if we can make it happen. Just write us your preferred time in the message box during your booking.

Where can I pick up the campervan?

We normally hand over our campervans at the parking lot on the backside of Kalmar train station. This is also where we will meet you, when you come to drop the camper off again. There are possibilities to pick up and drop off the camper at Växjö airport. Read here on how to find us.

In what condition do I have to return the campervan?

You should return the camper in the same condition as you have picked it up. Meaning it should be clean inside and all pots, pans, knives, forks, etc. should be there. Outside is our job, so don't bother too much about it. 

Anyhow if you don't want to spend time cleaning the inside, you can add the cleaning fee already to your booking and we will do the cleaning for you.

What happens if I am delayed for my desired pick-up date/time?

Just get in contact with us and we will see how we can solve the problem together. We try to be as flexible as possible.

Do I have to refuel the campervan?

We believe that a full-full fuel policy is the fairest one, which is why we will always hand over our campervans with a full tank. So yes, you will need to return the camper with a full tank. In the unlikely case that the camper is not fully tanked when you pick it up, you of course only must return it on the same level as it has been when you picked it up. 

How can I get to Kalmar to pick up the campervan?

There are plenty of options, such as train, bus, plane…

Read more about it here.

Do you close for winter?

No, we operate whole year round as our campers are equipped with a standing heater as well as suitable winter tires.

What are your opening hours?

As we are a small company and for now are operating besides our normal job, we try to answer mails as quickly as possible. We aim to be as flexible as possible when it comes to pick up / drop off times

When and how can I contact Småland Campers?

You can always shoot us a mail or give us a call. Find out more here.

Documents and basic requirements

What do I need to bring when I pick up the campervan?

We require a valid driver's license as well as valid passport from all persons who want to drive the camper. Please note that we also need to have one valid Credit Card of one of the drivers. 

Due to insurance reasons, we will make copies/pictures of the driver's licenses and passports and note the Credit Card information down.

What driving license do I need?

You need to have a basic car driving license for vehicles up to 3,5t. Class B or comparable national drivers license.

No international driver's license is required.

How old do I need to be? Is there a minimum age to drive a camper?

You need to be 21 years old to rent a campervan from us.

How many additional drivers are possible?

As much as you want. It is free of charge. However, all will need to provide a valid driving license as well as a valid passport.

Do I need an international driver´s license?

No, a standard driving license is enough.

Cancellation / Changes to bookings / Upgrades

What should I do if I must to cancel my reservation/booking?

Changes can happen in life. So, in the event that you have to cancel your reservation with us, please send us an email, confirming your name and the dates of your booking, using the email registered for the booking. We will then proceed with the cancelation according to our Terms and Conditions.

Can I change the insurance when I pick up the car?

Yes of course. That is no problem.

What's your cancelation policy?


What does the basic insurance cover?

The Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is limiting the liability of the driver to an amount of 15.000 SEK / deductible. If you want, you can lower your self-risk (liability) by adding extra insurance like our Super Insurance or the Platinum Insurance to your booking. You can find more information in our Extra section.

What insurances do you offer and what do they cover?

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

Limiting the deductible of the lessee to an amount of 15.000 SEK / case of damage.

Super Insurance

Covers the lessee in case of damages on the car or accident. Reducing the deductible from 15.000 SEK to 7.500 SEK per case.

Gravel Protection included!

Platinum Insurance

Covers the lessee in case of damages on the car or accident. Reduces the deductible from 15.000 SEK to 0 (zero) SEK per case.

Gravel Protection included!

Gravel Protection

Covers the glass of the car (windshield + headlights). Reduces the deductible for those kind of damages from SEK 5,000 to SEK 0 (zero) per case.

What insurances do you recommend?

The answer to this question really depends on personal preference, as people’s needs for peace of mind can vary greatly. We have witnessed many cases where people regret not buying extra insurance due to a costly incident and cases where people never use the extra insurance that they bought. That is simply the nature of insurance; it is highly valuable when you need it but useless when you don’t. We simply cannot make that decision for you. We can, however, tell you that if you should decide for one of our insurance packages, you will have a way more relaxed road trip. We always recommend the Gravel protection as a minimum as Sweden has a lot of gravel roads and stones can easily damage the glass of the car.

Are there exclusions to the maximum liability of each Protection Plan?

Yes. For example, if you have been driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. You can find all exclusions in our Terms & Conditions under point 12.

Kilometer policy

Can I get unlimited mileage?

Yes, you can. Please check out our kilometer packages for more information. You can find them in the Extra section.

Equipment of the Campervans

How do I know what camper suits me best?

Well, for now we only offer one type of campervan, so what choice do you have? We are sure that you will love our Campervan.

Does the campervan have a manual or automatic transmission?

For now, all our campervans have a manual transmission.

Are your campervans accessible for people with special needs?

Unfortunately not.

Does the campervan have air conditioning?


How do I stay warm at night?

All our campervans are equipped with a standing heater that will turn the camper into a cozy cave during night time

Does the campervan have a standing heater?

Yes, it does. The standing heater is connected to a 2nd battery so you will not end up jump starting the car in the morning.

Will I be able to charge my electronics (phone / drone / laptop / etc.) in the campervan?

Of course, every camper features at least one USB socket as well as a 12V one. 

If you need a 230V socket to charge bigger consumers we recommend booking a power inverter as an Extra to your rental.

What does the kitchen equipment include?

Basically, all you need for cooking and eating. It features a gas stove, pots, pans, plates, bowls, knives, forks, spoons, and kitchen towels as well as cleaning equipment.

Do I need to bring bedding sheets or my own sleeping bag?

You do not necessarily need to bring your own as we rent them out to you so you can save valuable space in your luggage. Have a look at our bookable extras to check prices and options.

Does the campervan come with a toilet and shower?

No, our campers don’t have a toilet or shower. But don’t worry toilets are all around and accessible to traveling tourists.

Do you offer 3 or 4 person campers?

Not for now, but we are working on it and are hoping to be able to offer them soon.

How can I listen to music in the campervan?

You can connect your mobile device via Bluetooth to the radio or simply listen to a good old CD.

Do your Campers have WiFi?

No, but depending on your mobile data contract you might be able to access mobile data in Sweden for free as well.

Condition of Campervans

How do you clean the camper?

After each rental, we clean the campers by hand. Our general cleaning covers the whole vehicle, inside and out. All kitchen equipment is taken out and run through the dishwasher. Booked Extras are checked and cleaned. We as well check and change the mattresses and their covers. Special attention goes to all surfaces that people frequently touch during usage of the vehicle, such as door handles, light switches, and the steering wheel.

Will the campervan have a full tank when I pick it up?

Yes, the campervan should be fully tanked when you pick it up. which at the same times means that you will have to return it with a full tank. If, however the tank should not be full when you pick up the camper, you of course do not have to return it full but only on the level you got it.

Is smoking inside the campervan allowed?

No, smoking is not allowed in our campervans. You will have to pay the extra cleaning fee if we find evidence for smoking in the van.

Are your campers 4x4 vehicles?

At the moment none of our campervans has 4x4.

Are your campervans suitable to drive in Swedish winters?

Yes, all our campervans are equipped with winter tires during wintertime. 

We however recommend checking the weather forecast on a daily basis if you consider driving to Lapland as the road and weather conditions can change quickly.

How does the campervan work?

How long does it take to charge up the 2nd battery?

This really depends on your driving style and how low the battery has been discharged. but on average it should not take longer than 3 hours driving

How can I charge up the 2nd battery?

The 2nd battery will automatically get charged when you drive.


Can I rent Extras to make my trip even better?

Yes of course. We do offer a big variety of extras that will make your road trip in Sweden even more enjoyable and relaxing. You can find all of them here.

Can I delete or add an Extra upon pick up?

You can always delete/cancel booked Extras during pick up. Adding them is a bit more complicated as we do not have a steady office in Kalmar for now. Which is why we would appreciate it if you could think about all the Extras you might need in advance. If you need help to decide which might be best for you feel free to contact us.


Are pets allowed?

Yes, but we will have to charge the extra cleaning fee for it due to professional anti-allergic cleaning after the trip. It is your responsibility to guarantee that your pet travels in safety and according to the local regulations. We will not be liable for any traffic tickets or legal fees related to carrying the pet inside the vehicle. Please note that none of our insurances covers your pet. You are responsible for all damages (interior and exterior) caused by the pet.


Do you have a list of best spots and must sees?

Do you have a list of Campsites?

You can find a lot of campsites on this website:

Where am I allowed to stay overnight?

We recommend staying on a campsite overnight, so you can make use of showers and toilets. But according to Allemansrätten you are entitled to stay nearly everywhere. read more about Allemansrätten here:

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