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 Småland Camper Guides

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Our Guides for Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark

In this section we provide you with a ton of useful information about a variety of different topics. Our detailed guides include all kinds of information on what to see and do, when to go where, the major campsites, cool museums and restaurants, and where to find those hidden gems.

Just click through the various articles to get inspired.

Our best Guides for Sweden

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Our Authors

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MArielle Janotta

Marielle grew up between Lake Constance and the Black Forest and studied sociology in Freiburg im Breisgau. She is happiest when she can experience nature up close. She loves getting to know new countries and could spend hours watching wildlife. After maintaining her travel blog as a hobby for several years, she quit her secure job in 2022 to devote herself fully to traveling and writing. She is currently writing her first book and now wants to take off as a freelance author.

You can follow the stages of her new life on her travel blog and on her Instagram account @mytravelisland.


Evelina Hjortskog

My name is Evelina. I am a Swede originally from and currently living in Gothenburg. I have previously lived in and travelled to many places across the world. The experiences and enrichment of cultures that I have received during my travels have not only fulfilled a lot of my dreams but have also made me appreciate my home country in so many ways. Sweden is the place where I come home to, a place filled with breathtaking beauty as well as infinite stretches of forests that provide a serenity not found in many other places. I am now combining my love for travelling and my home country, with my passion for writing, and my goal is to take the reader on a journey to explore the country that I call home. 

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