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The best time to go road tripping in Sweden 

Marielle Janotta


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In this article you will find lots of information about the Swedish seasons as well as some tips on how to choose the right time for your camping trip through Sweden. Copyright: Marielle Janotta

To this day, road trips through Sweden in a campervan are some of my most exciting and beautiful memories. For me, Sweden stands for endless forests, picturesque lakes, fascinating coastlines, wild national parks and impressive wildlife - there couldn't be better conditions for a camping trip, could there? In this article, I would like to introduce you to the different seasons in Sweden in a little more detail and give you some tips on how to find your own personal best time to travel. Is it spring, when nature wakes up from hibernation, or is it the famous summer in Sweden that we've all dreamed of? Is it the fall that cloaks the wilderness in shades of gold and orange, or is it the winter that beckons with a winter wonderland and the Northern Lights?

Your choice of travel time will determine what kind of adventure awaits you in Sweden. But first of all, with the right equipment and the right preparation, you can travel by campervan at any time of year. I'll now tell you what highlights await you and what you should look out for.

What is the best time for me to visit? 

The choice of when to go camping in Sweden depends on various factors that have a significant influence on your outdoor experience. It's best to think about the following three criteria before you start planning your trip so that you can take your individual wishes for a road trip into account.

Weather and temperatures 

What influences the time to visit Sweden the most is the climate, which varies significantly depending on the time of year. The summer months between June and August score with mild temperatures and long days - ideal for outdoor activities and even beach vacations. If you don't mind slightly cooler temperatures and changeable weather, you could consider spring and fall, which offer plenty of cozy moments. If you want to explore magical snowy landscapes, then winter is the right time for you. Remember that the campervans have auxiliary heating so that a warm home on four wheels awaits you even after a snowy hike.

High season / low season 

If you like to socialize and value shared experiences with other travellers, then you will definitely find the right company on the campsites during the high season in summer. The other seasons are considered low season in Sweden, but they offer plenty of peace and quiet, unspoiled nature and lower travel costs. Think about which season suits you best.

Trips and activities

For a chance of a real beach vacation at one of the gorgeous lakes or by the sea, you need to choose the summertime for your road trip. Hiking, cycling, canoe trips and other outdoor activities are possible from spring to fall. If you want to go skiing or snowshoe hiking, you should choose the real winter between December and March.


Keeping three important factors in mind will help you find the right time to visit Sweden. Copyright: Marielle Janotta

Spring in Sweden

When I remember springtime in Sweden, I experienced one of the most beautiful camping trips ever. From the end of March to the beginning of June, you experience a magical transformation of the landscape during your road trip. As the days get longer, delicate buds sprout on the trees and the meadows are lined with colorful flowers. Temperatures gradually rise and the air is fresh and invigorating. If you want to explore a few cities during your camping trip, spring is a particularly good time to do so.

Advantages of camping in spring

A camping trip in the Swedish spring offers a unique tranquillity and the indescribable feeling of exploring everything first. Hikes through blossoming forests or along the rugged coastline are a real pleasure. At this time of year, mosquitoes are not a problem, which makes your outdoor experience more pleasant than in the summer months. In addition, you will only encounter a few other travelers on your pitch, which creates a quieter and more intimate atmosphere.

To keep in mind

When camping in spring, it's important to be prepared for changeable weather. Temperatures can vary and I would advise you to bring light clothing as well as warmer sweaters and a windproof jacket. Rain protection and waterproof gear are also recommended in case you get caught in a sudden downpour along the way. However, with careful planning, spring in Sweden can be a very enjoyable experience.


Spring is a time to travel in Sweden that is primarily associated with the awakening of nature. Copyright: Marielle Janotta

Camping trip in summer

Ever since the lyrics of one song or another, summer in Sweden has been a longing travel experience. This is when the country presents itself in all its glory, with summery weather, many hours of sunshine and a lively atmosphere. Nature is transformed into a densely overgrown wilderness, lakes invite you to swim and the days are filled with outdoor activities.

Advantages of camping in summer

The warmth now creates ideal conditions for outdoor adventures such as hikes, boat trips or that real camping feeling around the campfire late into the night. The midnight sun in the north brings with it yet another special feature and provides opportunities for excursions during the long, bright evenings. The variety of events and festivals reaches its peak and you can experience a very special part of Swedish culture in your campervan.

To keep in mind

If you choose summer for your road trip, you should be prepared for mosquitoes. They are common at this time of year, especially in water-rich areas. Insect repellent and mosquito nets should definitely be on your packing list. You are also traveling in high season. It is therefore advisable to book your campervan and special activities in advance. If you keep these points in mind, summer in Sweden will no longer be just a dream.


Summer in Sweden is a travel time that conveys a very famous attitude to life. Copyright: Marielle Janotta

Swedish fall season

Autumn in Sweden has captured my heart with its unique blend of color and tranquility. From September to November, you can experience the fascinating transformation of the landscape when the trees stand like colorful works of art by the roadside. The fresh autumn air after a sauna session and the snug and cozy camping evenings enchanted me in Sweden.

Advantages of camping in autumn

If you can recharge your batteries and find inner peace through solitude and seclusion, then fall is an ideal time for you to travel. Most travelers have already left the country and, as a fan of nature, you can enjoy the untouched beauty of the Swedish landscape in a relaxed atmosphere. Spontaneity is an absolute plus in September, as you can now find a close-to-nature and idyllic pitch along your road trip route without much advance planning. 

To keep in mind

Add warm clothes, a cozy blanket, a few tea lights and a thermos flask to your packing list. Can you imagine anything better than a campfire evening with these items? October and November also mark the end of the typical shoulder season in Sweden, so you should check in advance whether the excursion destinations or overnight spots on your itinerary are still open during these months. Also check the opening hours of tour operators at this time of year if you are planning any special activities.


The colorful autumn season in Sweden is ideal for a camping trip through the lonely wilderness. Copyright: Marielle Janotta

Wintertime is camping time 

The Swedish winter transforms the country into a snow-white fairytale world with a unique magic. From December to mid-March, winter in Sweden offers a unique backdrop of snow-covered forests and frozen lakes. A camping trip at this time of year promises unforgettable experiences, especially if your heart beats for winter activities.

Advantages of camping in winter

Imagine a moose trudging past your campervan through the snow in the first rays of the day while you lie under the blanket with a hot cup of coffee. What a breathtaking moment! Winter camping offers numerous opportunities for winter sports. From skiing and snowboarding to snowshoeing and dog sledding - Sweden's winter landscape offers a great variety. There's also the chance to see the fascinating Northern Lights on clear, cold nights - a real once-in-a-lifetime moment!

To keep in mind

At no other time of year is the right equipment as important as it is now. Temperatures can get very cold, so thermal underwear, snow pants, always check the weather forecast and, if the forecast is bad, spend a cozy day on your pitch. Put together a rough itinerary before your trip so you can save yourself unnecessary miles. Plan a little more time for your road trip in winter, then nothing can go wrong.


If you would like to see the Northern Lights, then winter in Sweden is the right time of year for you. Copyright: Timo Horstschaefer / Unsplash

Conclusion on the best time to visit 

Sweden offers a wealth of camping opportunities all year round, with each season offering its own unique attractions for unforgettable travel moments. No matter what time of year it is, Sweden welcomes you in your campervan with a colorful range of nature experiences and outdoor adventures. Excursions to the beautiful and culturally rich Swedish cities are also a highlight at any time of year.

If you find your favorite time to visit, a road trip through Sweden will definitely not disappoint. And if you can't quite decide on the season yet, why not try them all out by planning several short camping trips? Maybe you'll end up like me and fall in love with all the Swedish seasons.


Every season in Sweden is a unique and promising time for a camping trip. Copyright: Marielle Janotta

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