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Top 10 activities for Sweden - in summer

Marielle Janotta


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Note down 10 tips for activities in Sweden for your next summer road trip. Copyright: Steven Erixon / Unsplash

Finally summer! Just the right time of year to rent a camper and experience an unforgettable road trip through Sweden. From picturesque coastal towns to breathtaking national parks, Sweden offers a wealth of experiences to make the warmer months unforgettable. Discover idyllic beaches, experience traditional celebrations and exciting festivals, try out water sports and enjoy nature in all its glory. Whether you are looking for adventures in the wilderness or cultural highlights - Sweden really does have the right destination for every taste, bringing you closer to summer in Scandinavia in all its diversity.

Island of Gotland 

Gotland is the largest Swedish island and you can easily reach it with your camper by ferry in just under three and a half hours from both Oskarshamn and Nynäshamn. Once there, a fascinating destination with lots of history and breathtaking nature awaits you. The medieval capital Visby was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995 and is famous for its well-preserved city walls, the Visborg castle ruins and many other outstanding buildings. But Gotland also scores with a lot of wilderness boasting a species-rich bird life, many nature reserves and beautiful beaches that are ideal for relaxing days under the sun.

Summer on Gotland is a real highlight with warm weather and long days. Park your camper and enjoy outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking and water sports. Numerous events, including the famous medieval festival, also take place during the summer months. This mix of culture, nature and Scandinavian flair make Gotland a summer paradise for your unforgettable camper road trip.


You can reach the island of Gotland by ferry and explore it on your own using one of our campervans. Copyright: Henrik Trygg /

Midsummer Festival Skansen

The Skansen open-air museum in Stockholm is a great place to visit all year round, but especially during the Midsummer Festival, which is celebrated for several days at the end of June. The traditional Swedish festival, which is dedicated to the longest day of the year, is celebrated here with a unique atmosphere. Here you can experience traditional dances and songs in the festively decorated gardens, while the festively decorated "majstång" naturally attracts everyone's attention. Unlike the "Maibaum" in Germany, the "majstång " has nothing to do with the month of May, but is derived from the Swedish verb "maja", which means "to decorate with flowers".

During the Midsummer Festival, the Skansen open-air museum is transformed into a living journey through Swedish culture. In this unique setting, you have the opportunity to admire traditional craftsmanship, sample local delicacies and take part in the ceremonies that have been taking place for centuries. The colorful traditional costumes and cheerful atmosphere give the festival an unmistakable charm. You can find out what you can expect at Midsummer and what else you need to know for your visit on the Skansen Open-Air Museum website.


Experience the traditional Midsummer Festival at the end of June in Sweden and get to know a wonderful part of the culture. Copyright: Per Bifrost /

Beach of Sandhammaren 

In the far south of the Swedish mainland lies Sandhammaren and its famous, kilometer-long dream beach, which has been voted Sweden's most beautiful beach several times. Fine, golden sand stretches along the coast and is framed by fragrant pine forests. The Baltic Sea beach offers a real seaside vacation feeling and pleasantly mild water temperatures, especially in summer. The gentle waves invite you to swim, while the clear horizons make the sunset an unforgettable experience. If you want to be a little more active, you can explore the surrounding nature trails and discover the flora and fauna of the area.

You can park your camper in the spacious parking lot and spend a wonderful summer's day by the sea. The beach café "Sandhammarens Fyrgrill", which is open daily in the summer months and offers regional and seasonal specialties with a changing menu, will take care of your physical well-being.  


Don't miss one of Sweden's most beautiful beaches on your camping trip. Copyright: Jonas Jacobsson / Unsplash

Canoe tour on Lake Vänern

Lake Vänern in Sweden is the ideal destination for your summer road trip. As the largest lake in the country, Lake Vänern offers an impressive landscape with clear water, many small islands and picturesque shores with beach bays.

Perhaps you would like to explore Lake Vänern on a canoe tour? Numerous providers allow travelers to explore the calm waters and experience the breathtaking nature from a new perspective. Companies such as Vänern Outdoor or Naven Outdoor Experience offer guided canoe tours that are suitable for both beginners and experienced paddlers. You can also hire a canoe there and set off on your own. A canoe tour on Lake Vänern is an unforgettable adventure that you can round off with a cozy campfire next to your camper in the evening.


If your road trip takes you past Lake Vänern, you could stay a few days for a special canoeing experience. Copyright: Roger Borgelid /

City of Luleå 

Of course, a small city trip with a Scandinavian summer feeling is a must when planning a road trip through Sweden. How about Luleå, for example, far to the north and right on the Baltic coast? Especially in summer, Luleå scores with endless hours of sunshine and a great mix of modern city life and close proximity to nature. This is when the city comes to life with festivals, markets and cultural events. Explore the city center, the beautifully landscaped parks or the Gültzauudden city forest. A very special highlight is the old city center, which is called "Gammelstad" and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996.

The surrounding islands form an archipelago that is ideal for boat trips. There are also numerous picturesque beaches in the area that are perfect for swimming and relaxing.


Visit the city of Luleå in northern Sweden and experience the endless summer nights when the sun never sets. Copyright: Laszlo Wallner / Pixaby

St. Olavsleden

Sweden is ideal for hiking in summer because, in contrast to southern Europe, the chances of pleasant and not too hot temperatures are usually quite good - even if there are occasional periods of real heat. One excellent hiking option is the St. Olavsleden pilgrimage route, which leads from the Swedish town of Sundsvall to the Norwegian city of Trondheim. In the summer months, the long-distance hiking trail unfolds its full splendor, because then the days are long and nature dresses itself in the most diverse shades of green. 

On the Swedish side, the hiking trail consists of almost 390 kilometers, divided into 19 daily stages. You can simply choose whether you want to hike for several days or whether one stage is enough for you. Along the way, you will experience picturesque landscapes, from dense forests to green valleys and picturesque lakes. In addition, historical sites and charming villages offer insights into the culture and history of Sweden. You can find out everything you need to know for your hiking tour on the official St. Olavsleden website.


The approximately 390 km long St. Olavsleden pilgrimage route begins in the Swedish town of Sundsvall. Copyright: Peter van der Meulen / Unsplash

Nationalpark Tiveden 

Another highlight for all nature lovers is the Tiveden National Park, which lies between Sweden's two largest lakes, Vättern and Vänern. Covering an area of 1,353 hectares, this is a pure paradise of primeval forest, wild waters and interesting rock formations. You can discover the beauty of Tiveden on well-marked hiking trails. 

Another special feature is the Trollkyrka rock with its mysterious caves, which translates as Troll Church. From the parking lot at "Informationstavla Tivedens Nationalpark", the 4.6-kilometre Trollkyrkorundan circular trail leads directly to the famous rock.

If you want to be a little more adventurous, the 2.2-kilometre Stenkällerundan loop trail, which leads past the Stora Trehörningen lake and the Stenkälleklack viewpoint, is ideal. Along the way, you have to overcome many steep slopes and steps that lead over the rocks. It can be quite rough and slippery and you will have to climb over hill and dale. Sturdy footwear is a must, but this loop trail is also extremely varied and exciting. You can find all other hiking trails on the official national park website.


Between the two lakes Vänern and Vättern lies the Tiveden National Park, which you should definitely plan to visit on your road trip. Copyright: Daniel J. Schwarz / Unsplash

Way out West Festival 

Of course, the festival summer is not neglected in Sweden either, as the Way out West Festival takes place in Gothenburg every year in August. The picturesque Slottsskogen Park serves as the location, giving the event a unique atmosphere. The festival attracts music and art lovers with an impressive range of artists from different genres. If you want to visit the festival during your road trip, you should book tickets in advance. 

Way Out West not only offers outstanding music acts, but also a diverse program with film screenings, art exhibitions and culinary experiences. The festival's sustainable focus is a real specialty. Since 2012, only vegetarian and vegan food has been served at the festival and since 2019 there have been no more disposable plastic plates, cutlery and straws. The focus is also on anti-discrimination campaigns, equality, human rights and LGBT certification. You can find out which concerts and program items you can plan for your visit on the festival website.


Summer in Sweden is of course also known for festivals - visit the Way out West Festival in Gothenburg. Copyright: Rodrigo Rivas Ruiz /


The Falsterbo peninsula, located on the south-western coast of Sweden, is an enchanting destination, especially in summer. The idyllic coastal town attracts visitors with its endless sandy beaches, picturesque dunes and the famous colorful beach huts. When the weather is right, you can expect ideal conditions for a beach vacation that you only know from more southerly climes.

Take a relaxing stroll along the beach and visit the lighthouse, numerous nature reserves or the Skanör marina along the way. Falsterbo is an important resting place for migratory birds, so wildlife photographers will also get their money's worth here. Make sure you only use the marked footpaths and wooden paths so as not to disturb the local flora and fauna. 

Cafés and restaurants in Skanör cater for your physical well-being and art enthusiasts will find interesting exhibitions in the Falsterbo Photo Art Museum. Park your camper at the large parking lot at the harbour and let yourself be enchanted by the very special Falsterbo flair.


The Falsterbo peninsula has a real seaside feel, perfect for a campervan road trip in summer. Copyright: Birger Lallo / Visit Skåne

Kitesurfing course in Halmstad 

Last but not least, I don't want to withhold this tip for water sports fans and adrenaline junkies, because in Halmstad - on the coast between Malmö and Gothenburg - a very special excursion destination awaits you. How about a kitesurfing course in the Swedish Baltic Sea? Even if this sport sounds challenging and complicated at first, complete beginners can learn kitesurfing on a beginner's course. Kitekalle surf school is the right place for you, with over 10 years of experience in kitesurfing lessons.

There are various courses that are adapted to you, depending on your skill level, and last between three and five hours. The idyllic city of Halmstad is particularly suitable, as it is located on the sheltered Laholm Bay with a 12-kilometre-long sandy beach and is considered the perfect place for kitesurfing. Throw yourself into the water and try out a totally new sport.


Enjoy your road trip through Sweden in summer and learn to kitesurf in Laholm Bay. Copyright: Karl Hörnfeldt / Unsplash

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