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Where to go and what to see with Småland Campers

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Sweden Itineraries (also Norway, Finland and Denmark) 

Småland Campers wants to give you the best experience in Sweden. Therefore we collected our favorite road trips for you. Featuring Sweden insider tips, recommendations for those on a budget and the must sees.

Are you a slow traveler and like to explore all the hidden gems in your own pace? Perfect we added some local insider information for you as well.

Or would you like to see as much as possible during your road trip and don´t mind a few hours on the road? You will find the must sees in our trip descriptions.

You haven't really found what the perfect trip for you could be? Ask us. We have traveled Sweden in our Campervan a lot and are happy to share and help with your planning.

One of the beauties of our mini campers is that you are so flexible, you basically don't have to plan at all if you don't want to. Just search a spot for the night when you need to rest and explore Sweden off the beaten track without a fixed route. Everything you need you have with you in your Småland Camper.

We want to make live easier for you, check out our Småland Campers map. Add your favorite spots right in the map and share them with your fellow travelers.

Our best Road trip Suggestions for you

Get the inspiration you need

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