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Öland Weekend For Sweden Camper

The perfect weekend in Sweden

Öland is an interesting destination all year round, although in summer you will find most people visiting. The 6km long island is a common location for Swedish summer houses but also great for camping trips or roadtrips. With your campervan you will easily find a cozy campsite or parking for the night. For the weekend trip we chose the highlights on northern Öland as well as the Great Allvar for your trip.

If you want a calm start maybe on Friday evening before heading to the biggest town on Öland and the famous Borgholm castle you might enjoy a swim and BBQ at the bathing spot Ispeudde (just outside Stora Rör). Or up to a special dinner? Make sure you visit Kakelstugan which is conveniently located just a few kilometers from the bridge connecting the mainland to the island. It will be the perfect opening or closing of your Sweden campervan road trip.

If you want to travel to Öland from Stockholm, we recommend that you plan at least half a day for the Stockholm Kalmar route.

A visit to Öland can be easily combined with our Grand Småland Road Trip, just plan a few days extra. 


Day 1

First up Borgholm slott, you will easily find the castle just before Borgholm when driving from Kalmar. The Castle is worth a visit, although if you are on a budget, nature around also provides spectacular views and walking paths. Check out the dates for medieval fairs around Borgholm castle which is a special experience.
Next to the castle is Solliden the royal summer residence in an Italian style and with nice parks. Make sure to book a visit if you are interested in the royal family.
Borgholm provides everything that you need for a campervan roadtrip on Öland, here you can get food and other accessories for the trip.


Tina Stafrén/

In Borgholm you can enjoy the oldtown as well as the harbor before heading further north on Öland. If you are going to a restaurant, make sure you try typical Öland homemade Kroppkakor. Fine food from a white guide listed restaurant or campervan style BBQ at the beach, everything is possible on Öland, you choose!

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From Borgholm you should continue your journey north on the west coast of the island called “Stenkusten” (Stone Coast). Our mini-campervans are perfect to explore the narrow costal street between Ormöga and Sandvik.
Keep an eye on the fields around Ormöga, spotted some Camels? No the Öland sun hasn’t gotten you dizzy already, there is actually a Camel ranch in Ormöga and open for visit and camel rides during the summer.
From there, head towards Äleklinta to get to the costal road, where you can explore the “Stone coast” by campervan. Djupvik and Äleklinta are old fishing villages, today they are popular for their beaches. Next you will get to Sandvik, where you can stop for ice-cream and enjoy the view from the harbor to the beautiful village on the cliffs.

Passing through Sandvik don’t forget to visit the great Dutch windmill. Further you will continue along the scenic road by the coast and will get to the village of Gillberga, built out of limestone. On the way you will also pass by Sweden's last remaining wind-driven scouring windmill "Jordhamn's scouring mill" and the neighboring small fishing cottages.

Alvedsjö bodar another couple of fishing huts as well as fabulous beaches along the way.
Make sure that you always stick to official parking and pay attention to the signs stating where it is okay to walk. The nature around the stone coast is very fragile and needs to be protected.

The end of the stone coast roads are the sea stacks in Byrum which are really fascinating and designated stop for a picnic on the warm stones watching the sunset over the mainland.
From Byrum the roads lead to the west coast where you end up in Böda. Böda and the coast around is famous for its kilometer long sandy beaches that stretch towards the north end of the island (at some points the sand turns into stone beach but also very idyllic). Here you will find parking or camp sites for the night. In Böda you will find cafes and restaurants.

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Day 2


Pack your lunch bags and head towards the Trollskogen (Troll Forest), which is one of the most famous attractions on Öland, a beautiful nature reserve with old pine trees and forest, a boat wrack as well as a beautiful cost. Hiking here is highly recommended and easy to access.
Afterwards you can visit the Långe Erik lighthouse as well as the Neptuni åkrar an interesting rock formation along the cost. In the village of Byxelkrok you will find a shop, cafes, and pubs.
Next on your way south on the road trip is Källa church and nearby a very beautiful and calm bathing spot in the village. The church is a bit unusual of what you can normally see in Sweden due to its age, worth a picture stop. Driving through Källa village you will get to the lovely bathing peer.

Further you might want to stop in Kårehamn, although be aware that its very touristic and can be quite busy. It’s a nice guest harbor with some shops and cafes as well as fishing cottages and huts. There is caravan and campervan parking available if you need a break from your road trip as well as a beach (of course 😉)

From Kårehamn you drive your campervan south. Stop by Kapelludden, where you have the chance to see “havsörn” the white-tailed eagle (seen one ourselves). Also, a lovely spot for a walk towards the small lighthouse as well as to explore the chapels ruins right by the small harbor.

On Öland especially at the west-coast you find many farms. Both vegetable farms and livestock. On Öland you can always buy fresh eggs, flour, potatoes, meat, honey and even fresh vegetables and fruits depending on the season. Stop your campervan at and get local Swedish food in one of the farm shops, sometimes it’s only a small wagon beside the streets where you pick what you want and pay cash or swish.

Driving your campervan south, you will pass through a couple of lovely villages. Probably, you have seen quite a few windmills so far but in Lerkaka you will find a whole row of them, posing for your camera. Right after don’t miss the crossing to Bjärby where you can take a swim at the lovely sandy beach.

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Now its time to top your Öland experience with seeing the Great Allvar one of Öland highlights. Take the road from Stenåsa south to Resmo and you will pass right trough the special nature of the Great Allvar. Halfway you can stop in Möckelmossen for some hiking and birdwatching, at the Allvars biggest lake. By the way, haven’t gotten a souvenir yet on your Sweden campervan road trip? Maybe you have noticed the signs “Loppis” along the roads. This is like small, sometimes private, secondhand shops or flea markets where you for sure will find a very authentic souvenir. Maybe some cups from a traditional Swedish ceramic manufacturer, a vintage candle holder, or handmade socks?

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