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The Magical Stones Down South

Six day road trip: The hidden secrets of Sweden´s south east coastline 

Day 1

Start your journey by picking up your Campervan in Stockholm and make your way down to Kalmar. We highly recommend getting here one day prior to your booked pick-up date as the way down to Kalmar and the city itself is an amazing and cozy experience, especially during the Swedish summer. On the day of your pickup don’t forget to stash up some good supplies for the trip.

Once you are done shopping food and beer, start the amazing journey towards Ale’s Stones in Skåne, which will be the final destination of this road trip. Take road E22 down south of Kalmar, but don’t drive too far as the first stop is not that distant. Look for the exit towards Hagby that is just 14 km outside Kalmar. Then head towards Hagby and keep driving until you see the sign towards Ekenäs.

In Ekenäs you will find the art and pure magic of the Ekenäs Craft Bakery. It is without a doubt one of Swedens finest bakery's there is. With winning one Swedish championship gold medal in the Eldrimner Craft bakery contest the year of 2020 and the year after winning not one, but two gold medals in two different categories in the contest. There is not much to argue about when it comes to the greatness, purity and the true craftsmanship of this bakery. If the sun is up, just grab a place by one of the benches outside after getting your pastry or bread. Or snack your precious goods inside the campervan as there is no place to sit inside the bakery. However, just make sure to check the opening hours. Ekenäs Craft Bakery opens only 3 days a week and the opening days and hours differ each week. Don´t worry, we got you covered – Check their webpage to find out when they are open.


After enjoying the amazing “fika” at Ekenäs just continue the path south and find yourself on E22 again. But don’t hesitate to take the exit to the left at Råsen when it comes. This path will take you to the idyllic and legendary place of Kristianopel. Here you can walk the remains of the fortification that the Danish King Kristian the 4th built. But even if this is a magical place, make sure not to turn in the Danish favor. Cause there is still a silent “war” between us. Here it’s nice to settle for the night or find a cozy spot nearby to relax and enjoy a delicious self-cooked meal on the Trangia stove, included in our Campervans.

Day 2

Rise and shine. The first stop of the day will be Karlskrona. An outstanding example of a late-17th-century European planned naval city. No wonder that parts of the city, situated on a Baltic Sea archipelago, became a World Heritage Property, and will be preserved for eternity. And what´s the best way to explore a city? Correct, just take a stroll through the streets and experience what the city has to offer on your own pace. Or, alternatively, hop on the boat out to Kungsholms fortress which is an astonishing piece of architecture. 


Per Pixel Petersson/


Per Pixel Petersson/

When you feel ready. Join the E22 south once again. Not too far from Karlskrona there is a nature reserve called a Järnavik Nature Reserve. This is just a beautiful place where you can breathe in the full scale of the nature. While here, don’t miss to take the ferry over to Tjärö that got a lot of nice but not too long hikes. If you still got time for the day and starting to get hungry, you should get going and find your way towards Karlshamn. Once there, get to one of our favorite spots in whole Sweden, called Vägga. Vägga is an old fisherman village that got a small but very great selection of good restaurants and just the most fabulous walk along the water towards Karlshamn. It is, without a doubt, here where you should park your camper and call it a day. 

Day 3

Day 3 is about to begin and Åhus, a small town, is what we think you should aim for next. But be warned: On the journey, there are many nice bakeries and coffee shops that might tempt you to take one or more short breaks on your way. Frightening, right?


In Åhus itself, if the weather allows, you should definitely visit one of Sweden’s longest sand beaches. Sand beaches are kind of unusual in Sweden, so hold your horses as it might not be the longest you have ever seen. But hey, it is a sand beach, right? Either spend most of the day baking yourself in the sun or keep rolling and exploring with not too much on the agenda.  As Blekinge – the county you are currently in - and the north of Skåne have so much to offer.

We will leave the task of finding a good spot for the night to you today but are convinced that you will manage just fine without us.

Tina Stafrén/

Day 4

We hope that you did not spend the whole night searching for a spot to rest and say: Set sail towards Kivik. Kivik is the apple-capitol of Sweden. The town itself is not big, but very beautiful and you should not miss out on the Kivik Cider Factory, that produces and sells different kind of products associated with the apples grown in the surroundings. 

Just some steps south of the Kivik Cider Factory you will find the north entrance of Stenshuvud national park. This park is just unbelievable, the height differences, the sea views and the various nature just make your whole body fall into a harmonic state.


Miriam Preis/

We wouldn´t be surprised if you would like to spend the rest of the day exploring Stenshuvud National Park. So just do it and make camp in a place nearby.

Day 5


Today the road trip will reach the final destination, Ale's Stones. But let's not rush it. On the way from Stenshuvud national park you should NOT take the highway. Instead take the small coastal road. On that path you fill find small cafe's, art galleries and much more. A great place worth visiting and stopping for lunch is Sirishamn.

In the afternoon, but not too late, you should try to be in Kåseberga. The village itself has many good spots, but one you should not miss is the Kåseberga Hideout. The owner, Ulf, has dedicated this place to the harmony with nature and life with a campervan. Besides being a boutique hotel, you’ll find various quality outdoor gear in his shop, perfect for your next camping trip. And Ulf himself lives next door in his own campervan.

If you should meet Ulf, say hi from us.

Day 6

I hope you didn't stay up too long last night. Cause, for the ultimate experience of Ale's Stones you need to set the alarm around five or six in the morning. We know it can be hard to get going in the mornings as our campers are damn cozy, but it is definitely time to start the very short hike up towards this magical place. Once there you will find an old Viking monument, which purpose is still unknown today, but there are some theories. Just take in the strong power of this place as you glance out over the sea below you. If you're lucky, the morning will come with a strong fog that will take you back to the fantasies of the Vikings walking in the same steps as you.

Pro-Tip: Bring everything for a nice, calm and a long breakfast along to make it a truly, epic and unforgettable moment.


Conny Fridh/

Now it is time to head back to Stockholm. But again, we encourage you to take a detour here and there to find your own places on the way back and maybe spend an extra day doing so.

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