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Top 10 activities for Sweden - in spring

Marielle Janotta


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Note down 10 tips for activities in Sweden for your next spring road trip. Copyright: Marielle Janotta

To experience the stunning springtime in Sweden, I've put together 10 tips for getaways in this post, which you can experience as you wish on your road trip. From blooming gardens to idyllic island worlds and even a little thrill-seeking, Sweden offers a wealth of unforgettable moments between the end of March and the beginning of June - there's something for everyone.

Söderåsen National Park 

Söderåsen National Park covers an area of 1,625 hectares across Skåne län in southern Sweden and offers a fascinating natural landscape that is one of the largest contiguous deciduous forests in northern Europe. The area is characterized by deep ravines, wooded hills and picturesque valleys. In spring, the flora comes back to life and the forests shine in fresh green. If you are planning a trip to the national park, you can take advantage of a well-marked and color-coded network of hiking trails and enjoy the breathtaking view of the Skäralid valley from the Kopparhatten viewpoint.

Spring in Söderåsen National Park is a particularly good time to experience the diverse birdlife, as the migratory birds gradually return to Sweden. There is a covered picnic area at Lake Odense (Odensjön), which is ideal for a relaxing break. The walks through the wooded hills are particularly pleasant in spring, as the temperatures are moderate and the first buds and flowers sprout.

You can find out lots more information and interesting facts for your visit at the visitor center at the main entrance to the national park. Within the national park boundaries, you can park your camper at various parking lots, depending on which hiking trail you choose. You can find a detailed map on the national park homepage.


Explore the diverse network of trails and experience the spring awakening in Söderåsen National Park. Copyright: Linus Bergman /

Gothenburg Botanical Garden 

The Gothenburg Botanical Garden, founded in 1923, is a green oasis in the heart of the city. In spring, the garden blossoms into a colorful spectacle with an impressive variety of plants from all over the world. The spring bloomers, including tulips, daffodils and cherry trees, create a magical atmosphere.

If you visit Gothenburg Botanical Gardens, you can not only admire the beauty of the plant world, but also explore themed areas such as the rock garden, the rhododendron park, the bamboo grove or the largest orchid collection in Sweden. In the Japan Valley you will also find some exotic plants, while the herb garden presents the natural pharmacy. In spring, a visit to the blooming and fragrant garden is particularly worthwhile, as the many colorful heralds of spring will also awaken your spring fever, promise! If you're looking for a little refreshment on the way, you'll find it in the "Botaniska Paviljongen" café.


The rock garden is a special highlight in Gothenburg Botanical Garden. Copyright: Alexander Buhaj / Unsplash

Island of Öland

Öland is the second largest island in Sweden and is conveniently connected to the mainland by a bridge. This means you can easily drive to the island in your campervan and spend one or more unforgettable spring days there. Known for its idyllic landscapes, historic windmills and miles of beaches, Öland has a very special atmosphere in spring. The island comes to life when colorful flower meadows bloom and migratory birds populate the coast.

If you want to visit Öland, you can plan exciting excursions, such as to Borgholm Castle or to the two lighthouses "Långe Jan" and "Långe Erik". My personal highlight was the enchanted forest of the Trollskogen nature reserve with its beautifully landscaped hiking trails and countless rustic pine trees. In spring, Öland offers ideal conditions for cycling tours along the coast and walks through the small villages with the typical colorful houses surrounded by flowering meadows.

The mild spring temperatures and the many hours of sunshine on Öland, combined with the blossoming nature and the variety of outdoor activities, make the island an enchanting destination in spring.


Visit Sweden's second largest island Öland and experience the unique spring awakening of nature. Copyright: Marielle Janotta

Tännforsen waterfall

The Tännforsen waterfall is located in Jämtland and is the largest lake waterfall in Europe. Here, the water plunges from Lake Tännsjön into Lake Östra Noren, 37 meters below. In May, the Tännforsen offers a particularly impressive spectacle. This is when the melting snow and rising temperatures create the largest volumes of water of the year, which then thunder almost deafeningly over the 60-metre-wide edge.

If you want to visit the Tännforsen waterfall, you can park your camper just 200 meters away and then explore the nature reserve on foot. The various viewing platforms offer a gigantic view of the waterfall. There is also a visitor center, which is open in the warmer half of the year, usually until the end of September. Here you will find a restaurant and nine pitches, where you can also stay overnight for a small fee. The sound of the rushing water will certainly have a calming effect as you fall asleep.


Visit Europe's largest lake waterfall when it has the most water due to the snowmelt in spring. Copyright: Tina Stafrén /

City break in Stockholm

A city trip to Stockholm promises a fascinating mix of culture, history and that very special Scandinavian charm. Spring is exactly the right time to visit the Swedish capital, as you can take advantage of all the benefits of the low season. The costs are cheaper, you won't meet as many other travelers and sightseeing in spring-like weather is much more relaxed than in high summer.

Visit the historic old town of Gamla Stan with its colorful buildings, explore the narrow streets and drink your first cup of coffee of the year in the cozy street cafés. The Royal Palace, the Skansen open-air museum and the Vasa Museum offer you exciting insights into Swedish history.

In spring, the parks, such as Kungsträdgården, are in full bloom and boat trips through the Stockholm archipelago are a real highlight in the mild spring sunshine. Explore the city on foot or by bike and enjoy the fresh air and freshly planted flower beds all over the city. If you're in the mood for action, then Gröna Lund is just the right destination for you. The huge amusement park reopens at the end of April and attracts visitors with a roller coaster, chain carousel and haunted house.


Plan a city trip to Stockholm in spring and enjoy the impressive flair in the relaxed low season. Copyright: Marielle Janotta

Höga Kustenleden

For hiking fans, spring in Sweden offers a very special highlight: the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Höga Kusten". One of the country's most beautiful hiking trails, the Höga Kustenleden, stretches 135 kilometers in several stages from Hornöberget in the south to Örnsköldsvik in the north. The landscape combines barren islands, dense forests and diverse flora and fauna and takes you past dense forests, high mountains, beach bays, phenomenal viewpoints and nature reserves. The fact that you can hike so close to the coast at an altitude of up to 250 meters is unique in Sweden. You can find the individual stages on the official website and in the information material, so you can choose a hike to suit your taste and desired level of difficulty.

You can easily reach all stage start and finish points by camper. There are many different parking areas, as well as overnight cabins and youth hostels and eating options. If you want to experience a particularly beautiful spring hike, you should definitely not miss the Höga Kustenleden.


Spring is a great time of year to hike a section of the Höga Kustenleden trail and enjoy the sensational views. Copyright: Friluftsbyn Höga Kusten /


The picturesque fishing village is located on the west coast of Sweden and is known for its colorful wooden houses and the lively quay promenade called "Smögenbryggan". In spring, Smögen comes to life when the days get longer and longer and the first flowers bloom in the dooryards. In Smögen you can stroll through the narrow streets, taste fresh fish at the fish market and enjoy the atmosphere of the small stores and cafés.

The low season in spring is the best time to visit Smögen, as there are no crowds. The small village is much more idyllic when you are the first person to walk along the famous wooden walkway under the first rays of the day. Plan at least half a day to explore the coastal landscape and enjoy the fresh sea air, as the outlying archipelago islands off the coast of Smögen also offer incredibly beautiful, picturesque postcard views.

In spring, you have the opportunity to experience the authentic side of Smögen and be enchanted by the natural beauty and charm of the village. I still remember my first visit to Smögen more than 10 years ago very well and would definitely like to come back again.


Visit the popular sightseeing destination and explore the "Smögenbryggan" in mild spring weather. Copyright: Lars Groenendijk / Unsplash

Ziplining in Klavreström

Fancy a bit of action and adrenaline? Then Europe's longest zipline in Småland, Sweden, is the place for you. Adventure-seekers can race through the forests of Sweden at speeds of up to 75 kilometers per hour and enjoy fantastic views from lofty heights. You can choose between the red, black, green and purple routes, which span a distance of between 2,600 and 1,200 meters and are each divided into five to eight zipline sections. You should definitely be reasonably free from vertigo for this spectacle, as you glide through the landscape at a height of up to 52 meters above the ground in your well-secured climbing harness.

If you choose spring for your zipline adventure, you should definitely book in advance, as the tours are not offered every day. However, you also save yourself long waiting times and can enjoy the experience in a more relaxed environment without the hustle and bustle and without many spectators. I don't need to tell you how beautiful Swedish nature is in spring. But the view of the wilderness from above is always a very special highlight.


Thrills between tall trees and wild rivers await you when ziplining. Copyright: Alexander Hall /

Blekinge Archipelago

In my suggestions for spring getaways in Sweden, I have selected a particularly impressive UNESCO biosphere reserve for you. The Blekinge archipelago off the coast of southern Sweden is an idyllic archipelago with over 1,000 islands spread over an area of 210,000 hectares close to the shore. The archipelago also includes 47 nature reserves, so that animals and plants can develop naturally here. From April and May, the birds also return to their breeding grounds here, making a trip in spring particularly suitable for nature and animal enthusiasts.

The capital of the province of Blekinge is Karlskrona, which is also a good starting point for boat trips in the archipelago. The mild temperatures and quieter atmosphere in spring are ideal for a boat trip. Experience the unique wildlife, historical sights and great views of the archipelago from the water. You can find a huge selection of ferry routes around Karlskrona on the Blekingetrefiken website.


Explore the Blekinge archipelago in the warm light of the spring sun and go on a boat tour. Copyright: Casper Johansson / Unsplash

Lake Vättern

Lake Vättern is the second largest lake in Sweden and is located in the south of the country, so temperatures are already mild in spring. Surrounded by picturesque villages, castle ruins, wooded hills and historic towns such as Jönköping, you can choose from a wide range of excursion destinations. From mid-April to June, you have perfect conditions for hikes along the lakeshore or bike tours through the surrounding villages. Then it's not too hot and not too cold and there are only six to eight rainy days per month on average.

The John-Bauer-Leden hiking trail, the Tabergstoppen viewpoint and the Åsens By cultural reserve are very special highlights. You can find more excursion options, exciting tips about the region around Vättern and delicious recommendations for places to eat at Visit Småland.


In spring, Vättern invites you to go hiking and cycling along the picturesque lakeshore. Copyright: Roger Borgelid /

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