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Top 10 activities for Sweden - in winter

Marielle Janotta


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Are you planning a winter road trip through Sweden? Then take note of these 10 excursion tips. Copyright: Finn Mund / Unsplash

Camping in winter? It's possible in Sweden - and it's really good! Pack your warm clothes and get ready, because in this article we have put together ten fantastic tips for winter destinations that will make your heart beat faster. Immerse yourself in the wonderful winter atmosphere at the Swedish christmas markets, experience breathtaking nature, beautiful winter hikes and the magical wonder of the Northern Lights. Try out typical Swedish winter sports and discover the snow-covered idyll of the coasts and archipelago. Be enchanted by Sweden's winter beauty on your road trip!

Christmas market in Gothenburg 

If your winter camping trip through Sweden falls in the Advent season, I can recommend a stop in the country's second largest city. From the end of November, Gothenburg glitters and sparkles in the most beautiful Christmas splendor - and that in many different locations. You can choose whether you want to visit the popular Christmas market at Liseberg theme park, the large Christmas market at Tjolöholm Castle, the historic Christmas market at Gunnebo Castle or the designer Christmas market "A la London". If you fancy a leisurely stroll through stylishly decorated Christmas streets, then you should definitely stop by the Hega district. Haga Nygata is the most popular street with a Christmas market during the Advent weekends.

You will find a dedicated parking lot for campers, where you can also park overnight for a fee, in the Lindholmen harbor area. The city center of Gothenburg is only a few minutes away on the free pedestrian ferry.

Camper pitch, GPS: 57.707257, 11.949281


If your winter road trip route takes you to Gothenburg, you have the choice between many different Christmas markets. Copyright: Per Pixel Petersson /

Adventurous moose safari

Sweden's wildlife is a special highlight in winter. Picturesque snowy landscapes, frozen lakes, the unique winter silence and in the middle of it all, moose roam the forests to find enough food in what is the hardest time of year for them.

If you're interested in wildlife spotting or wildlife photography, you should plan your road trip to the far north. Because a truly wild adventure awaits you in Kiruna. Together with experienced guides, you will set off in a small group on a four to five-hour moose safari to observe the king of the Swedish forests in its natural habitat.

The tour is offered in the winter season from the beginning of December to mid-April. All further information and booking options can be found on the Kiruna Guidetur website.


A road trip through Sweden without encountering animals is almost impossible - in Kiruna you can even visit them in their habitat. Copyright: Asaf Kliger /

Åre ski resort

Sweden's most popular ski resort promises a winter sports experience with an altitude difference of 890 meters over rounded mountains down into the valleys. The huge ski area with a total of 89 slopes and 42 ski lifts is spread across Åre By, Björnen, Duved and Tegefjäll. From easy green slopes to challenging black runs, two snow parks and routes for freeride fans, you really will find everything your winter sports heart desires here.

Due to Åre's geographical location so far north, the ski season here is extremely long. Ideal piste conditions normally prevail from the end of November to the end of April, so you can always plan a stopover for skiing on your winter road trip through Sweden. Of course, you can rent skis directly on site, for example at "SkiStarshop Fjällbyn", "Hanson Concept Store", "SkiStarshop Duved" and many more, so that you can arrive comfortably and without equipment. All information about the ski pass and other facilities can be found here.


Winter sports are very popular in Sweden - why not combine your camper trip with a few days of skiing? Copyright: Niclas Vestefjell /

Winter hiking in Dalby Söderskog National Park

The smallest national park in Sweden is located in the southern Swedish province of Skåne, about 10 kilometers east of the city of Lund: Dalby Söderskog. With an area of only 36 hectares and the "Kroppekärrsrundan" circular trail with a length of 2.3 kilometers, it is perfect for a walk on cold winter days. The hiking trail is very flat, so you won't have any problems even in the snow. And if it snows a lot, the circular trail through the national park is also a great way to try out winter hiking with snowshoes.

The Dalby Söderskog National Park protects the Swedish deciduous forest, which is allowed to develop and grow here in its original way. The old oak trees are particularly worth protecting and if a tree falls, it remains in the national park, as deadwood promotes biodiversity.

In winter, you have the chance to marvel at this natural forest under a glistening blanket of snow. The tranquillity is absolutely magical, so a visit to the national park can have a meditative effect. Try listening to the silence!

You can park your camper directly on the country road between Dalby and Sjöstorp. There is a visitor parking lot there, which you will immediately recognize by the brown sign with the inscription "Dalby Söderskog".


In winter, your road trip takes you to Sweden's snow-covered national parks and magical landscapes. Copyright: Jaime Dantas

Marvel at the Northern Lights

In the far north of Sweden lies the small village of Abisko, which at first glance seems unremarkable. At second glance, however, it is a real highlight, as it is located in a region that is one of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights. The reason for this is the so-called aurora oval, which stretches around the planet just north of Abisko. The auroras are almost always there, but a clear sky and darkness are crucial for a sighting. So if you go camping in winter, the chances are pretty good. Both conditions are so often met here that the locals estimate the probability of an aurora sighting to be 100% if you spend more than three nights on site in winter.

Basically, you can see the Northern Lights without any outside help. If you fancy an unforgettable experience with plenty of background information, you can visit the Aurora Sky Station in Abisko, which is located 900 meters above sea level on Mount Nuolja. Take the chairlift up to the top and you'll be one step closer to the starry sky and the Northern Lights. There is a large outdoor terrace and an aurora exhibition inside. You can park your camper in the visitor parking lot at the valley station. All further information for your visit can be found on the website.


Your road trip through Sweden in winter can take you far north, where you have excellent chances of spotting the Northern Lights. Copyright: Lola Akinmade Åkerström /

Dog sledding

Oh, and while you're here in northern Sweden, the town of Jokkmokk is practically on the way! In addition to the traditional winter market, which begins every year on the first Thursday in February, an unforgettable snowy landscape awaits you here during winter. Lapland is of course known for this - and also for the special experience of a dog sled ride.

If you like dogs and adventure, you shouldn't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime moment. With Stina and Matti from Jokkmokkguiderna, you've come to the right place. The two stand for an authentic nature experience off the beaten tourist track with dogs kept in a species-appropriate manner and a certificate as an ecotourism company. Finding a great provider for such a tour, where the welfare of the dogs is always the focus, is not that easy. That's why we would like to recommend this company to you.

You can choose whether you want to spend 3 hours, 6 hours, 2 days or longer with the sled dogs. You can find all the information you need for your visit to Jokkmokk on the Jokkmokkguiderna website.


North of the Arctic Circle, your winter road trip takes you to Jokkmokk - maybe you fancy a dog sled ride? Copyright: Anna Öhlund /

Helsingborg with winter wellness

With Helsingborg, your camper route takes you to a real insider tip, just 45 minutes' drive north of Malmö. The city of just under 100,000 inhabitants offers a pure coastal feeling away from the Swedish celebrities. Stroll along the waterfront promenade and enjoy the view of the imposing Kronborg Fortress on the Danish side of the Öresund. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of the city center, where trendy cafés, boutiques and galleries await you.

In winter, Helsingborg is transformed into a magical fairytale town. The streets sparkle with Christmas lights and you can warm up with glögg as you stroll through the Advent market and sample traditional treats. The quieter low season offers the perfect opportunity to experience Helsingborg in its original form and enjoy the winter magic of the city.

The best way to round off your stroll through the city is with a visit to Kallis. Here you will find a traditional cold bathhouse with sauna and an idyllic view of the Baltic Sea. You can hardly experience Swedish winter wellness more typically than here! There is a large parking lot for your camper at the outdoor pool.


Baltic Sea views, city strolls and winter wellness await you in the beautiful city of Helsingborg. Copyright: Hanseric Orre / Unsplash

Swedish national sport: cross-country skiing

It's like skating on skis and a real winter classic in Sweden that you should definitely try out. Slip on your ski boots and discover the endless expanses of the Swedish landscape on the numerous cross-country ski trails. This sport is not only a great way to stay fit and enjoy nature, it's also great fun.

A cross-country skiing tour is a great idea for an activity in the Swedish winter. It is an adventure that is suitable for all ages and does not require expensive equipment. You can rent cross-country ski equipment in most winter sports resorts, so you don't have to bring it to Sweden as bulky luggage. Cross-country skiing is a wonderful alternative to a winter walk or snowshoe hike and after a short familiarization period, you'll soon get the hang of it.

You can find popular cross-country ski trails in southern Sweden, for example, here:
●    Vasaloppet in Dalarna
●    Orsa Grönklitt in Dalarna
●    Idre Fjäll in Dalarna
●    Skogsvallen close to Uppsala
●    Engelbrektsspåret in Västmanland


A winter journey through the countryside on cross-country skis makes a great change from everyday camper life. Copyright: Serge Taeymans / Unsplash

Island of Käringön

Have you heard of Käringön? This small island off the west coast of Sweden is car-free and can be reached within 45 minutes by ferry. It is a real hidden gem, especially in winter. Here you can experience the peace and seclusion that you may have missed in your hectic everyday life. The snow-covered streets and clear air create a magical atmosphere that will immediately cast a spell over you.

On Käringön, you can take winter walks along the coast and enjoy the solitude. As many cafés and restaurants are now in hibernation, pack a thermos flask of tea or coffee and a few snacks in your backpack. You can enjoy the breathtaking view of the wintery sea at a picnic with a thick jacket and snow pants (don't forget your thermal underwear).

You can park your camper in the large parking lots on the mainland in Tuvesvik. The ferry terminal is just a few minutes' walk away. You can search the current ferry schedules here.


Plan a day trip to the island of Käringön on your road trip and experience icy silence and a magical winter landscape there. Copyright: Per Pixel Petersson /

The Östergötland archipelago

In winter, the breathtaking archipelago of Östergötland in south-eastern Sweden is transformed into a true winter wonderland. The numerous islands, surrounded by frozen waters and snow-covered rocks, offer a picturesque scenery that you won't forget easily. 

The islands of the Östergötland archipelago are divided into three archipelagos: Arkösund, S:t Anna and Gryt. In total, they consist of thousands of archipelagos and are a real scenic highlight. The silence of nature, interrupted only by the crunching of snow under your shoes, will immediately make you forget the stress of everyday life. Popular day trip destinations include the island of Södra Finnö, which you can easily reach by road in a camper van, or the ruins of Stegeborg Castle nearby.


During your camper trip in winter, a trip to the Östergötland archipelago on Sweden's south-east coast is well worthwhile. Copyright: Helena Wahlman /

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