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Top 10 activities for Sweden - in fall

Marielle Janotta


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Take note of these 10 tips for activities in Sweden for your next fall road trip. Copyright: Marielle Janotta

Autumn is the perfect time to explore Sweden's breathtaking nature and enjoy camping life to the full. In this blog post, we'll show you the best tips for your fall adventure with our camper. From picturesque nature reserves to a bit of a city feel in Malmö and the country life of Sundsvall - there are so many ways to experience the autumnal beauty of Sweden on a road trip!

Relax in a sauna and then enjoy a refreshing dip in a lake, explore idyllic islands or experience an unforgettable road trip along the Vildmarksvägen. During fall, you can of course also pick berries and mushrooms and hike through impressive national parks in the peace and quiet of the off-season. Oh, and did you know that there is a famous harvest festival in Sweden? We'll tell you where you can find it and what you should definitely not miss on your autumn camping adventure.

Sörknatten Nature Reserve 

The Sörknatten Nature Reserve in Sweden is an idyllic destination that is particularly enchanting in autumn with its bright colors and warm light. The reserve is located in the municipality of Åmål in the province of Västra Götalands län and is characterized by fantastic views of dense forests, dark blue lakes and the unique rocky landscape. During the autumn low season, you will find a spectacular setting with a tranquil atmosphere.

In the nature reserve, you can use the 6.5-kilometre hiking trail "Sörknattenleden", which starts both in the north and in the south. You can park your camper in a parking lot at both points. The trail is easy to find thanks to the clearly visible markings. Sörknatten is also known as the filming location for the movie Ronja the Robber's Daughter, where she spent her spring vacation, for example.

There is another hiking trail. The "Baståsenleden" leads from the northern parking lot to the neighboring Baståsens Naturreservat on Lake Ärrsjön.

Parking lots:
North, GPS: 58.927560, 12.484958
South, GPS: 58.877420, 12.476067 

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Autumnal forests and an impressive view of the surrounding lakes await you in Sörknatten Nature Reserve. Copyright: Marielle Janotta

Sauna and a dip in Lake Åsunden

A visit to a sauna is of course a must on a fall road trip through Sweden, because then you can cool off with a dip in the cold lake after warming up. You'll find the perfect place for this just under 100 kilometers east of Gothenburg in the Swedish town of Ulricehamn. Ulricehamns Kallbadhus was built on stilts directly in the lake and has an amazing history. There were two predecessors on the site of the wellness facility, which has been open since 2008, the first of which was used as a cold bathhouse as early as 1871.

Ulricehamns Kallbadhus is open every day of the year from 6 am to 10 pm. The visitor parking lot is only a few minutes' walk away and even offers 24-hour parking spaces for campervans if you want to enjoy a sauna in the evening and then stay overnight.

atraleden_141- Photo Cred Jonas Ingman.jpg

Autumn without a sauna and swimming in the lake is almost unimaginable in Sweden - We love the relaxing moments on road trips! Copyright: Jonas Ingman /

Klädesholmen island

Klädesholmen is a tiny island on the west coast of Sweden, connected by a bridge to the larger neighboring island of Tjörn. Together with the surrounding archipelago, you will find picturesque excursion destinations in this area. Klädesholmen is famous for its herring - although there are only three fish factories left today, they account for half of Sweden's herring production. But even without a love of fish, the island is worth a visit and attracts visitors with its red wooden houses and lots of maritime flair.

The surrounding archipelago creates a breathtaking coastal landscape with jagged rocks and hidden bays. In autumn, the forests and coastlines are painted in warm autumn colors, making the landscape particularly charming. When visiting, take the precaution of bringing weatherproof clothing, as the region is known for its changeable fall. If the sun is shining, you can spontaneously take part in a boat tour. Just take a look at the map of the island to see what else there is to discover!

In the low season of fall, you'll probably be lucky and get a free parking space for your camper directly on the island.

salt_sill_DJI_0004- Photo Cred Tony Meyer.jpg

Swedish island life and camping can be perfectly combined in the autumn. Copyright: Tony Meyer /

City of Malmö

If you want to explore the Swedish cities in peace and quiet and from their authentic side, the low season is particularly suitable. This is also the case with Malmö, Sweden's third largest city, which is located in the very southwest of the country and is connected to the Danish capital Copenhagen by the Øresund Bridge.

Malmö is a modern and above all sustainable city that is known for its climate-friendly urban concept. During a visit, you are sure to notice the Turning Torso - the city's 190-metre-high landmark since 2005. But Malmö has many other sights to offer, such as the castle Malmöhus, the old town, the city beach or the castle park with the impressive castle mill.

You will also get to know Malmö's rich culinary scene with restaurants, cafés and markets serving local and international cuisine. We particularly like the market hall "Malmö Saluhall", which is not particularly large, but has a very cozy atmosphere and tasty delicacies. You can find out what else there is to discover here.

Parking lots and parking spaces for campervans:
GPS: 55.595875, 12.932822
GPS: 55.605760, 12.978173 (2 hours free parking)

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If your road trip takes you to the quiet cities, then it's fall in Sweden. Copyright: Marielle Janotta

Road trip along Vildmarksvägen

The Vildmarksvägen is also known as the "Wilderness Road" and takes you on a total distance of 500 kilometers through the untouched natural landscape of northern Sweden. Incidentally, you will be driving your camper along the highest asphalt road in Sweden. Along the way, you will enjoy spectacular views of an impressive mountain landscape, vast plains, clear lakes and rushing waterfalls.

With its highest point at 867 meters above sea level, the road leads from Strömsund in the north of Jämtland via Gäddede and Vilhelmina in southern Lapland to Dorotea. A special highlight of the Vildmarksvägen is the Stekenjokk plateau - a protected Sami area where you can meet reindeer and observe rare bird species.

Please note: This route is only suitable for early fall and is only open between June 6 and October 15 due to the long winter with large amounts of snow. Check the weather conditions for the next few days, preferably before your road trip.


Your road trip along Vildmarksvägen takes you past the town of Vilhelmina - it can get pretty frosty here in the fall. Copyright: Nathaniel Shuman / Unsplash

Sundsvall and its surroundings

Sundsvall is a charming town in central Sweden and a worthwhile destination, especially in the fall. Surrounded by a scenic landscape of colorful forests and clear lakes, Sundsvall offers a variety of sights for nature and culture lovers. Explore the historic city center with its well-preserved 19th century buildings, visit the Norra Berget open-air museum or take a trip to the island of Alnö, which lies just off the coast of the city. It is known for its geological peculiarity, which can be traced back to the volcanic origin of the island 570 million years ago.

South of Sundsvall lies the summit of Södra Stadsberget, which offers a fantastic view of the surrounding area and the Baltic Sea. It is also worth taking a road trip through the backcountry in a camper van to explore the magnificent autumn landscapes.


If you drive west from Sundsvall on the E14, you will reach the picture-postcard village of Stöde in just under 30 minutes. Copyright: Peter van der Meulen / Unsplash

Abisko National Park 

We have never seen more beautiful shades of yellow and orange in an autumn forest than in Abisko National Park. So a road trip to the far north of Sweden is definitely well worth it. Lake Torneträsk, which borders the national park, is located right on the Norwegian border. The surrounding mountain panorama is another highlight and makes this area a uniquely beautiful destination. 

You have the choice between various well-marked hiking trails that lead you into the fascinating natural surroundings. The camper can be parked in the large visitor parking lot - pack your backpack, lace up your hiking boots and off you go!

Incidentally, the location of Abisko National Park is a particular advantage of this autumn getaway. This is because you are almost 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle. From September onwards, the nights are dark enough after the summer midnight sun to give you an incredible chance of seeing the Northern Lights during a camping trip in the fall. So be sure to look out of the window at night - it could be worth it!

Schweden Herbst 2 - Marielle Janotta.jpg

Autumn colors in all imaginable shades of yellow and orange - that's what camper life in Abisko National Park feels like. Copyright: Marielle Janotta

Berry and mushroom picking in the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve 

In central Sweden, around 200 kilometers from Stockholm, you can reach one of the country's largest nature reserves, spanning 50,000 hectares and home to an incomparable wilderness since 1950. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, this place is still an insider tip for adventure fans and nature lovers - far away from mass tourism.

You can experience a particularly rewarding hike along the 250-kilometre long-distance hiking trail "Bruksleden", with the 21st stage leading over 14.5 km through the nature reserve between Malingsbo and Örtjärnen. The map with the exact route and further information about this stage can be found on the official Bruksleden website.

In the fall, you will discover many opportunities to pick mushrooms and berries along the way, as this is the harvest time in Sweden. You can find out what to look out for in berries and mushrooms and how to recognize the edible varieties at Visit Smaland - you can use these tips anywhere in Sweden.

There is a free camper van site right by the lake in the small village of Malingsbo with an idyllic picnic area surrounded by greenery. A small blue sign with the words "Ställplats" indicates the entrance. Numerous other hiking trails start in the immediate vicinity, such as the 3.5 km long "Himlastigen", the 6 km long circular trail "Kungaskogens trädgårdsvandring", as well as the two other long-distance hiking trails "Romboleden" and "Malingsbo-Klotenleden". An overview map with all the trails and facilities can be found here.

Caravan parking Malingsbo, GPS: 59.930693, 15.437755 (more info)


Picking berries and mushrooms is an essential part of a Swedish fall. Copyright: Helena Wahlman /

Fulufjället National Park 

On the Norwegian border in the province of Dalarnas län lies the approximately 380 km² Fulufjället National Park, 65% of whose landscape is characterized by tundra. We are particularly struck by the white reindeer lichen that covers the forest floor like a gigantic carpet in the fall. You can discover the almost untouched nature on numerous hiking trails, which you can reach from several directions. There are entrances to the national park in the south, in the east just after Morbäckssätern, also in the east at Göljån, in the north at Brottbäcksstugan as well as in Björbäcksstugan

The entrance at Björbäcksstugan is the best known, mainly due to the Njupeskär waterfall. With a height of 93 meters, this is the highest waterfall in Sweden and is particularly impressive after the first autumn rains with a large amount of water. You can reach Njupeskär on the 3.9 km long circular hiking trail "Njupeskärsleden", passing spectacular viewpoints, cozy picnic areas and the beautifully designed information center "Naturum Fulufjället".

You can find a map with all parking lots, hiking trails and facilities on the Swedish National Park website.

Schweden Herbst 5 - Marielle Janotta.jpg

Plan a stopover at Fulufjället National Park on your road trip to visit Sweden's highest waterfall. Copyright: Marielle Janotta

Harvest festival Öland 

Of course, Swedish festivals are also a must in the fall. If you are planning your road trip in the south of Sweden, you can, for example, visit the country's largest harvest festival on Öland, which takes place every year at the end of September. The idyllic island of Öland with its many hours of sunshine is naturally predestined for a rewarding harvest in the fall, which is why regional delicacies and culinary highlights await you here.

More than 900 events take place across the island for "Ölands Skördefest". The golden pumpkin is awarded, every restaurant offers special Thanksgiving menus, many greenhouses and farms offer a look behind the scenes and, of course, there are fireworks.

The exact date of this year's Skördefest and much more information can be found on the official website.


Find out how the harvest festival is celebrated on Öland during your camping trip. Copyright: Maddy Baker / Unsplash

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