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Hej, welcome to Småland Campers

If you are looking for a classic Motorhome rental, we are sorry, but then you have come to the wrong place.

Here at Småland Campers we offer you the perfect match between flexibility and cost efficiency. We provide you with all what is really needed to have a fantastic time in Sweden´s nature. With one of our Campers you will have the ideal companion on your adventure through endless forests, past waterfalls and rugged mountains. Explore the enchanting expanses of Swedish Lapland or enjoy the summer on one of Ölands long sandy beaches.

Go anywhere, sleep almost anywhere and do both at an incredibly low price.

Your adventure starts with a simple booking of one of our Campervans! Yes, it is really that easy!

So what are you waiting for?

Why book with us?

Dacia Dokker (375 × 375 px) (375 × 375 px) (2).png

Low Prices

You're probably wondering why our campers are comparatively inexpensive. The answer is very simple: We equip our campers only with what is really necessary to experience a fantastic time in the wilderness. So no unnecessary equipment is needed. Should you still need a little more luxury, you can either opt for our Glampervan or add some additional extras when booking. Bringing your own gear is of course allowed.

In addition, you can benefit from us, knowing how to run our business cost effectively. And we are doing a great job on that. 

Our Campers


Built-in parking heater
Suitable for winter

Seats: 2          Sleeps: 2

Dacia Dokker (375 × 375 px).png

Dacia Dokker or similar with a manual transmission. Equipped with a heater for cozy and warm nights.

Perfect for two who want to travel on a budget.

From 590,- SEK / day


Icon for parking heater
Icon for winter suitability

Seats: 3          Sleeps: 3

Renault Trafic (1).png

Renault Trafic or similar with a manual transmission. Equipped with heater and built-in cooler.

Ideal for small families or three friends who like to cuddle!

From 750,- SEK / day


Dacia Dokker (375 × 375 px) (375 × 375 p
Dacia Dokker (375 × 375 px) (375 × 375 px)_edited.png

Seats: 3          Sleeps: 2-3


Peugeot Boxer or similar with a manual transmission. Equipped with a built-in cooler.

Ideal for small families or two adults who want a bit more extra space.

From 990,- SEK / day

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Our Pick-Up Locations

We are very eager to offer you the greatest possible flexibility and convenience. For this reason we have various Pick-Up and Drop-Off points near the main travel hubs in our region. 

Since we are located close to Kalmar. this lovely coastal city is our main Pick-Up and Drop-Off point. Kalmar offers you the perfect starting point for your Sweden road trip. In the city you will find many of the major supermarket chains to stock up on groceries for your adventure. 

If you decide to pick up your camper in Kalmar, you can choose from the following options:

Kalmar Central Station:

Big parking lot behind the central station.
Address for Google Maps:
Ölandskajen 12, 391 82 Kalmar

Kalmar Öland Airport:

Parking lot in Hangarvägen.
Address for Google Maps: Hangarvägen 6-8, 392 41 Kalmar

How to book your Campervan easily online


Choose the date

Select the date of departure and the end date of your trip.


Pick-Up and Drop-Off

Chose where you want to take over / return the Camper



Feel safe and secure at any circumstances. Simply upgrade your insurance if needed.



You can choose additional equipment, such as: camping chairs, camping table, grill, gas canister and many other cool stuff


Contact info

Fill out the booking form with your personal data and contact information.



That's all! Your trip is booked and you are one big step closer to your road trip. All that is left to do is: Pay with your preferred method.

Perfect camping experience!

"We spent 8 days in the camper and had a lovely experience! It’s a small, but well planned, van with lots of smart storage and details. We will definitely be returning customers with Småland Campers.
In addition, Christian is a lovely host who wants to create a great experience and has been very keen to meet our needs.
I truly recommend Småland Campers!"

- Ted Wigelius -

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