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If you are looking for a classic Motorhome rental, we are sorry, but then you have come to the wrong place.

Here at Småland Campers we offer you the perfect match between flexibility and cost efficiency. We provide you with all what is really needed to have a fantastic time in Sweden´s nature. With one of our Campers you will have the ideal companion on your adventure through endless forests, past waterfalls and rugged mountains. Explore the enchanting expanses of Swedish Lapland or enjoy the summer on one of Ölands long sandy beaches.

Go anywhere, sleep almost anywhere and do both at an incredibly low price.

Your adventure starts with a simple booking of one of our Campervans! Yes, it is really that easy!

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Campervan Små
Campervan Små

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Yes, you can even reach the very north of Sweden with our Campervans.

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Seats: 2   Sleeps: 2

The Campervan "Små" is our smallest category. It is a Dacia Dokker with a manual transmission. Suitable for all asphalt and smooth gravel roads. Perfect for either a couple or 2 very good friends who want to discover the pure beauty of Swedens nature on a budget. The "Små" features a 130x185cm bed and comes with a standing heater to keep you warm during night. Furthermore you will find all what is needed to cook a perfect meal during your adventures Sweden roadtrip. Honestly, what more do you need?

Why you also should book with Småland Campers

Low prices

We offer all year round the lowest possible prices while not compromising on the equipment and safety of our campervans.

Dine in

The interior of our campers is hand-designed to allow you to cook and eat inside if the weather is not as good as it should be.


With one of our Campervans you don´t need to worry about reaching a place in time. Thanks to the Allemansrätten you can simply camp and sleep almost everywhere.

Stay fresh

To insure that air circulation is given at all times with no big impact on heat, we install an air ventilation system in all our Campervans.


All our Campervans are equiped with a standing heater system to keep you warm and cozy during night time.

Travel tips

Not sure where to go and what to do?  Check out our Sweden Roadtrips or feel free to get in contact with us.

We are happy to help you out!

How to book your Camper in six easy steps online


Choose the date
Select the date of departure and the end date of your trip.



Pick-Up and Drop-Off
Chose where you want to take over / return the Camper

Feel safe and secure at any circumstances. Simply upgrade your insurance if needed.



You can choose additional equipment, such as: camping chairs, camping table, grill, gas canister and many other cool stuff

Contact info
Fill out the booking form with your personal data and contact information.


That's all! Your trip is booked and you are one big step closer to your road trip. All that is left to do is: Go to the payment gate to make a purchase.

Perfect camping experience!

"We spent 8 days in the camper and had a lovely experience! It’s a small, but well planned, van with lots of smart storage and details. We will definitely be returning customers with Småland Campers.
In addition, Christian is a lovely host who wants to create a great experience and has been very keen to meet our needs.
I truly recommend Småland Campers!"

- Ted Wigelius -

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